Advantages and disadvantages of the Fibonacci system in gambling

It’s no secret that mathematics and casinos are closely related, and gambling houses always have an advantage over the players. For each version of the game there is a system of rates. However, all of them without exception are far from perfect, therefore it is not necessary to speak about their high efficiency. Speaking of betting systems, it should be noted that they are divided into two types. In the first case, they are “tied” to a positive progression, and in the second – to a negative one.

The principle of betting is that under a system based on a positive progression, in the event of a loss, the gambler should increase the bet amount, and, on the contrary, reduce the progression. Concept and advantages The Fibonacci system has found its application in the world of gobbling for a long time. It was developed over 900 years ago. The attitude towards it among players can vary dramatically. In mathematics, the Fibonacci sequence is a cumulative progression, where each successive number is the sum of the previous ones. Zero is ignored in this case.

The effectiveness of a particular betting system depends directly on the game in which it is used. As for the Fibonacci system, its main advantage is the fact that the system is easy to remember and easy to use. She can “work” on the player until he reaches the point of no return and will lose all of his capital. With the system of rates in question, one should be treated with extreme caution, since it can bring good results only at short distances. In the case of a prolonged series of losses, the amount of the bankroll will rapidly subside. Let’s say a player made a bet of $ 10. If she lost, then the next bet should be equal to $ 20, and so on. The fact is that in most games the maximum bet amount is 1000 dollars. In the case of a series of failures, you can get to this limit very quickly. Reverse version In order not to go bankrupt, some adjustments can be made to the Fibonacci system, which will help to adapt the existing amount to this system of the game.

It is important to note that almost every betting system has a so-called reverse version. For example, if in the case of using a negative progression, the rates increase after another loss, then in the reverse version the bet amount should grow after each win. As for the application of the reverse version for the Fibonacci system, the following order of things is valid here: in case of winning, the amount of the next bet should increase twofold, and in case of a loss it should decrease in a twofold size. The majority of players consider such a system of rates to be flawed, because to gain profit the player must be in the black for a long time.