Ethereum jackpot

What is a Ethereum progressive jackpot in bitcoin casino?

The progressive jackpot is by definition the biggest win, which can only be obtained in casinos in general in principle. Winnings are many, and as a rule, machines give out winnings almost every minute of an intense game. On roulette, players with binary bets receive at least 45% of the winnings, which is also very common. However, these winnings, as a rule, are not as great as the player expects.

They are incomparable with the size of the deposit, and more often – are less in the amount than the money put in this gaming session. A lot of specific problems accompany the player in the event that he can not make really strong bets or can not apply intuition qualitatively enough – the level of his game while falling quickly enough, and he himself is in a situation of boring and nowhere leading game. What is the difference between a jackpot and a big win? Jackpot – this is a win, which in times exceeds the size of the player’s own deposit. Of course, high rollers and deposits have more, and the possibilities are also much greater than those of ordinary players. Nevertheless, they have the opportunity to receive and much larger jackpots, so that the above rule is strictly preserved. It is worth noting that for the vast majority of players it is the jackpot that is the meaning of the game. The most simple jackpots are just the biggest slots wins you can get if you pass the bonus game.

In the bonus game, the casino client is offered a maximum amount from $ 5000 to $ 25,000 in different machines. This jackpot can be played quite easily and it falls out quite often. On average, 200-300 scrolls in classic slot machines already have at least one bonus game with which you can get something interesting. Progressive jackpot + winnings from the bonus The second important variant of the jackpot is the winnings that the casino assigns to some machines from itself, and not from the manufacturer. Such wins are much larger, and to win them, you need to play with high stakes on certain machines and at the right time. As a rule, such bonus jackpots accumulate for some time, but they have a “ceiling”, upon reaching which they are played among the players. The preferential right to receive them is given to those who have a VIP status in the casino. The most powerful bonuses are accumulative jackpots that do not have an upper limit and which accumulate until one of the players wins them. And in order to win, you need to get a very rare combination of prize symbols. In addition, the loss of the jackpot may coincide with the activation of the bonus game. If the player manages to combine all these randomities, and pass the game, then his winnings will be so great that it is even inconvenient to call it.